The Open Mic Diaries: Live @ The Cavern

Despite all the bad news of music venues closing down in Toronto, there is still a fairly vibrant open mic scene throughout the GTA. I’ve never been to the Cavern before so it was a treat to find a well run well attended event (I guess it helps when the management offers a prize to the 1st and 2nd place singers- voted of course by a group of their peers). On this night it was youthful mix of singers with a good blend of folk, soul, rap, and instrumental – most of it original. The sound system was good, and the host congenial. Well worth checking out if you are in the area. The bar is at 76 Church, just north of King West . The open mic is advertised to run on Sunday and Tuesday nights (but gets bumped occasionally for other shows) . Make sure to check the listings on the website before heading out.