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The Open Mic Diaries: Live @ The Boat

In my continuing odyssey to check out the multitude of open mics in the Toronto area I dropped in at The Boat in Kensington Market last Wednesday and was quite entertained. This is a well run event hosted by Fred Knight which has now surpassed its 50th show. Eclectic. Democratic. A two song limit for each performer and no dead spots. And there’s a definitely a line up for sign up so get there early. There’s also more focus on band jams so if that’s your thing, this is definitely the place to be on Wednesday nights. You can find the details here: facebook.com/boatopenmic.


The Open Mic Diaries: Live @ The Cavern

Ilaria Graziano and Francesco Forni, Live @ Hugh’s Room, July 18-2018

David Braid the North, Live @ The Church of  The Redeemer, June 22-2018

The Lynnes. Live @ The Burdock, April 20-2018

Communism, Live @ The Cameron March 23-2018

Tanya Philipovich and Lucas Stagg, Live @ The Local – March 31-2018

The Toronto Straight Eights, Live at Castro’s Lounge

Maria Doyle Kennedy, Live @ Hugh’s Room – March 1-2018

Lily Frost’s Big City Social, April 27th-2017

Lynne Hanson, Live @ The Burdock – April 1st 2017

Highlights from Winterfolk 15, Feb 19th-2017

Gina Horswood

Isabel Fryszberg and Abigail Lapell

Kevin Breit and Rebecca Jenkins


Rana Mansour

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